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5 Key Rules of Executive Biography Writing

What to Include in an Executive Biography

The executive bio is often used to introduce the executive as a speaker or to establish industry expertise for articles written or to gain stockholder and investor confidence in a company’s management. Your executive biography should give the reader a sense of your personality and provide background information relevant to the purpose for which it is being written.

The executive bio should contain the following:

  • Current position held and the duties it entails
  • Professional history relevant to the purpose
  • Professional affiliations relevant to the purpose
  • Any industry related awards that are relevant
  • Educational background including any colleges/universities graduated from and any specialized industry related training and credentials

Providing executive contact information is optional, and usually the contact will go through an executive assistant. Biography information may also include one or two sentences of personal information.

Guidelines for Writing an Executive Biography

There isn’t a right or wrong way for writing an executive biography. However there are some key writing guidelines that tend to make bios better and more effective. The following are five key rules for writing a better executive bio:

  • Keep the bio short. Unless it’s a CEO biography with 30 years of notable achievements, then the bio should be one page or less.
  • Target the audience. Determine who the audience will be and write for that particular audience for the bio to be its most effective. A bio written for investors will not be written the same as one written for other industry professionals attending a seminar.
  • Don’t start at the beginning. Your bio should open with your current position and work its way back.
  • Include only relevant information. Identify the purpose of your executive biography and only include accomplishments that are relevant to your purpose.
  • Use a narrative style of writing. Write like you are telling a story. It will hold the reader’s interest better than just a list of accomplishments.

If you aren’t certain how to write an executive biography or don’t have the time, there is no need to worry. Our bio writing service is here to help.

Executive Biography Writing Help

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Our bio writing service includes executive biography writing from some of the best writers in the industry. The professional writers we use have had training specifically for writing professional bios and possess extensive executive bio writing experience. Every bio we provide is original and customized to the individual, based on the information they provide and their specific requirements. Some of the benefits of using our service include:

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