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How to Write a Professional Corporate Biography

What to Include in the Corporate Biography

The corporate bio tends to follow a less structured format than some other types of business biography. They are used less often for job searches and may often function as a company biography included with other upper management bios on company websites.

However, the information they contain is more or less the same. Information that should be in a corporate biography includes the following:
  • Current position and responsibilities – Position they hold in the company and what their responsibilities entail.
  • Professional history – A narrative account of previous positions and major achievements in those positions, beginning with the most recent and working backwards. Every position need not be included if not relevant to the bios purpose
  • Professional affiliations and awards – Industry related groups they are a member of and industry related awards and special recognition relevant to the purpose
  • Community service activities – Volunteer community service involvement. This can serve to show a corporate executives personal side
  • Educational history – This can include any college /university degrees held as well as any special industry related credentials that have been earned.
  • Personal information – One or two sentences of personal information is optional, depending on the purpose of the corporate biography.

Tips for Writing the Corporate Biography

Here are some useful tips for writing an effective corporate biography:

  • Identify your audience – The audience you are writing for will influence both the content and style of your biography.
  • Tell a story – Write a bio that is readable and interesting. Rather than a listing of positions relate a problem encountered and how you overcame it in a particular position.
  • Include an interesting non-work related fact – Some interesting hobby or interest that isn’t work related can make your bio more personal.
  • Avoid lists – Don’t include long lists of accomplishments. Hit a few highlights and major accomplishments.
  • Proofread your bio – Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors don’t make the type of impression you want.

If you are unsure of how to write your corporate biography, or you just lack the time, our bio writing services are just what you need.

We Can Write Your Corporate Biography

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