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A Checklist for an Artist Biography

Purpose of an Artist Biography

Regardless of the form your art takes, be it music, sculpture, acting or some other form of art, you are going to need an artist bio. Artist biographies are essentially a marketing tool. They are written for agents, promoters, media contacts, booking agents, and others in the industry with the idea of getting your name out there, and promoting your work.

Artists biographies, as well as photographer biography, can be used on websites, programs when displaying your work as well as many other occasions. Basically, whenever you have the opportunity to use it, do so, as it is a good and inexpensive way to promote yourself. It is a good idea to keep one updated and on hand as you never know when you may need it.

artist biography

How to Write an Artist Biography

When writing an artist’s biography, as well as writing a bio about yourself, you must consider what to include, the style of writing and the format of the biography.

The following is a checklist that you can use when writing your artist biography:


  • Basic information – Name, what you do, where you perform or where your work can be seen
  • Purpose of the bio – Usually a bio will contain information on the artists latest project. An album release, upcoming show, display of new work or whatever the latest project is.
  • Career highlights – Notable achievements in the field. Don’t include everything. Just highlights.


  • Clear concise writing that is direct and to the point
  • Use objective language. Avoid subjective language like “the best” or “most impressive” unless quoting somebody
  • Avoid clichés and generic statements when writing the artists bio
  • Write in a narrative style using the third person perspective.


  • In most cases unless you have had a lengthy career with many highlights worth noting, one page is more than enough for the artists bio
  • A standard bio format will use 4 or 5 paragraphs. 1) Introduction, 2) Current work, 3- 4) Career highlights, and 5) Conclusion

If you are unsure how to write an artist biography for yourself or you just lack the time, our bio writing service can assist you.

Get Help Writing Your Artist Biography

We specialize in all types of professional bios including the artist bio. The biography writers we use are skilled professionals with training and extensive proven experience in writing artist bios.

They know what information to include, and the most effective way to present that information. Every bio we provide is original and written to meet the individual’s specific requirements.


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