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Author Biography Writing Steps by Steps

Writing the Author Biography

It would seem that a professional writer would have no problem cranking out an author bio when the need one. However, it is quite common for a writer to have difficulty coming up with a book author biography.

If you intend on having your work published, then at some point you will need to write an authors biography. Don’t be intimidated by having to write a bio.

author biography

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To help write your bio, we have broken down the process into a few simple steps:
  • Brainstorm the information you will include in your bio. This may include what you do, hobbies if related to your writing or especially interesting, where you live, family, educational background, relevant awards you may have won and any other facts that may be of particular interest.
  • Read author bios from other writers, especially those who write in the same genre or on the same topic. Write down things from these bios that you liked as well as things you feel could have been left out.
  • Using your information and what you learned from reading other bios, start writing. As a writer, you know getting something down is important, even if you aren’t happy with the first results.
  • Revise and edit your first draft until you are satisfied with the results.

Tips for Writing Your Author Biography

The following tips and suggestions may be useful when writing your authors biography:

  • Keep any demographic information brief and include it near the end of your bio
  • Open with your greatest writing accomplishment
  • Keep the biography brief. In general 250 words is about the maximum length
  • Write your biography in the third person
  • Write an interesting bio that will hold the reader’s attention
  • Don’t say you are only self-published or that you are just a beginner

An effective author biography can generate interest in the reader and make them want to read more of your work.

If you are having difficulty writing an author biography, you may want to consider our bio writing service help.

Our Bio Writing Service

We offer all types of bio writing, including authors biographies. Its hard to write about yourself even if you are a professional author. Our biography writers specialize in writing professional bios, and have the training and the experience to create just the biography you need.

Every biography we write is customized to the individual and is unique and original to the person it was written for. The bios we provide are proofread and professionally edited to ensure the finished product is error free.

Additional benefits of using our service include:

  • Direct contact with the writer working on your bio. We feel the best results are obtained when writer and subject can communicate directly
  • Guarantees on every bio for quality and on time delivery
  • Affordable rates that wont drain your budget
  • Courteous and helpful customer support 24/7

For an interesting and effective author bio at an affordable price, contact us with all of your bio writing needs!