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How to Make Your Marketing Biography Outstanding

Essential Information for Your Marketing Biography

The marketing manager biography is a chance for you to use your marketing skills and apply them to marketing yourself. However, for some reason, many good marketing professionals have difficulty writing their own marketing manager bio.

marketing biography

Begin writing your bio by determining what information you will include. Your marketing bio should contain:
  • Your name, current position and what that position entails
  • Employment history beginning with the most recent position and working your way back. Only include relevant positions held
  • Industry related affiliations and awards that are relevant
  • Educational history including college/university degrees and any industry specific training that is relevant. Don’t include anything previous to college.

This is the basic information any good marketing biography should contain.

Taking Your Marketing Biography from Good to Great

It is a competitive world out there and a good marketing biography, as well as good manager biography, may not be enough. What you need is a great bio if you want to succeed.


The following useful tips will help take a good bio and make it a great one:

  • Know your audience – Determine who is the audience you are writing for and target the specific audience. It has been said if you write for everybody then you write for nobody. By knowing your audience you can identify their needs and show how you fulfill those needs.
  • Identify the needs of your audience– This is a key factor in writing a great bio. Once you identify a need or problem you can set about making yourself the solution to the problem.
  • Show what you offer – What combination of skills and abilities do you have that is unique? Show what you can provide better than anybody else because of your particular blend of talent and skills.
  • Provide benefits – People want to know how they benefit from any given situation. Focus on benefits that you offer through your skills and abilities rather than focusing directly on those skills.

Marketing yourself is difficult for some. If you are having problems elevating your marketing biography from good to great, then our bio writing service is just what you need.

We Provide Great Marketing Biographies

At our bio writing service, we specialize in writing bios for professionals that get results. Our writers are skilled professionals. They have the training, knowledge and experience that qualifies them as experts in professional bio writing. The bios we provide are original and customized to the individual client requirements and needs.

Advantages of using our service include:

  • Professional proofreading and editing of every bio we write as a standard part of our service, to ensure an error-free biography of the highest quality.
  • Guarantees on every biography for quality and on time delivery
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When you need a marketing biography, contact us and take advantage of our professional bio writing expertise!