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5 Steps In Writing Accountant Biography

Steps in Writing the Accountant Biography

Although your accountant bio is supposed to be about you, an effective bio will focus on the needs and concerns of potential clients. They want to know who you help, what kind of help you provide, how your help benefits them, and what qualifies you to provide the help they need?

These are all questions that will be addressed in your accounting bio. Building a personal website is the best choice for job searching.

accountant biography

Your accountant bio will consist of the following five parts or steps that address potential client questions:

  • Introduction – Introduce yourself and what you do. What kind of accounting help do you provide and who is it for is addressed here. Not every accountant does the same thing. A CPA bio for an accountant specializing in taxes will differ from a CPA who focuses on start-up companies.
  • Professional history – Previous positions you have held. This will in part supply answers to where you gained your skills and provide some of your accomplishments and achievements in the field
  • Professional affiliations and awards – Professional groups and industry-related awards strengthen your credentials with potential clients.
  • Academic history – Degrees you have obtained and any special certifications that are related to the service you provide, serve to provide further evidence of your credibility
  • Personal information – One or two sentences about your personal life can help potential clients relate to you more as a person, and begin to develop trust.

Each section of the accounting biography is another step in addressing issues that potential clients are concerned with.

Guidelines for Writing the Accountant Biography

When writing the accountant biography, keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • Write in a concise style that is easy to understand – You want potential clients to clearly understand what you do and how you can help them.
  • Leave out the humor – For most people their accounting needs are not a joking matter and your humor may not be appreciated.
  • Limit the information you include – Provide enough information to establish your credentials and qualifications and no more.
  • Proofread – Mistakes in your bio will make you seem unprofessional which is not the impression you want potential clients to have.

If you have doubts about your ability to write an effective accountant biography, our bio writing service can do it for you.

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