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Military Biography Writing Guide

How to Write a Military Biography

There a number of reasons why a member of the military may be called on to write a military bio. Military personnel who are up for promotion, seeking a transfer to another duty station or transferring to another branch of the service may need a military biography.

An army biography or bio from whatever branch served in may also be necessary when entering the civilian workforce, especially if you have little prior civilian work experience.

military biography

An army bio or a military bio from any branch of the military consists of the following steps written by the experts from bio writing service:
  • Provide your name, service branch, rank, deployment status, current deployment, age, date of birth and home town.
  • Starting with your enlistment, list all of your military assignments in chronological order. Assignments should be shown from the beginning month/year to ending month/year, position, unit assigned and location. The last assignment listed should be your current assignment and the same as that used at the beginning of your bio.
  • List all awards and decorations received. Include ribbons for active duty participation and all qualifications that you have received through training.
  • Describe all the military schooling completed.
  • List your rank ascension history in chronological order beginning with your first rank. Include the date on which you received each rank.
  • Provide your family history. This should include your parents, spouse and children if any.
  • Include any civilian schooling you have had starting with high school through college.


Further Guidelines for Writing the Military Biography

The guidelines for writing the military biography are essentially the same in every branch of the service.

Keep the following in mind as you write your military biography:

  • Write in the third person – The military biography should always be written from the third person perspective.
  • Be brief – The military biography is written in a narrative style. However, it is expected to be concisely written and contain no information other than the required facts. If it isn’t required don’t include it.
  • Proofread your bio – Verify all facts and eliminate any spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

If you are having trouble writing your military biography, our bio writing service can help.

professional military bio writing

Our Service Offers Military Biography Writing

The bio writing service we offer includes writing military biographies, as well as professional scientist biography writing. Our writers have the knowledge and the experience to write your military bio in the format you require.

They are also able to write a bio that correlates your military experience with the civilian workplace, should you be retiring from military service and seeking civilian employment.

Advantages of using our service if you wonder “how to write a military bio” include:

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