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Teacher Bio Writing Services


Purpose of a Teacher Bio

There are a number of occasions which may require a teacher to have a biography. A bio is sometimes part of the application package for a job. Schools often post biographies of their teachers on websites. Biographies are often needed for teachers applying for a grant or award as well.

They are more personal than resumes and provide a glimpse into the teacher as a person. Chances are at some point during your teaching career a bio will be required and in all likelihood more than once. Rather than wait until the last minute it is a good idea to keep an up to date bio on hand much like you would with a resume.

help writing a teacher bio

Tips for Writing a Teacher Bio

Writing a professional bio can be difficult. It is hard to decide what should be included or omitted.

teacher bioThe following are a few tips for writing a teacher bio:

  • Determine the purpose of your bio: How you write the teachers biography and what information you include will depend to a certain extent on what its purpose is. The bio teacher job applicants submit will differ from the one posted on a school website
  • Include educational employment history: Begin with the institution where you are currently teaching and the subject/subjects taught. Depending on the purpose you may want to include all teaching positions you have held.
  • Teaching degree: Provide the name of the institution where you received your teaching degree. Include both undergraduate and graduate degrees
  • Include awards and special recognition: Be sure to include any education related awards or special recognition received
  • Provide some information on your teaching philosophy and learning priorities: Without going into too much detail, tell something about your teaching beliefs and methods.
  • Include some personal information: Provide a couple of details about your personal life, again without going into detail. Don’t include anything too personal or that could be controversial.
  • Proofread your bio: As an educator, any spelling mistakes or grammatical error will look especially bad and are unacceptable in your bio

Unless told otherwise bios should be kept relatively short and probably shouldn’t exceed one page.

If you are having problems writing your bio for teaching we offer a service that can help!

Our Teacher Biography Writing Service

Your teacher biography represents you and could play a critical role when applying for a job. You want to ensure that you have the best teacher’s biography possible and the best way to do so is by using a professional service such as the one we provide.


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